Doom runs on everything is a meme made by Agent Alaska Suave Gentleman and other users on January 22 2017.


The meme began on chat when Agent brought up the fact that someone was able to get the game Doom running on a printer. Agent then joked about how he wanted Doom to run on his waffle maker. Other users joked about other impossible things Doom could run perfectly on.

Things Doom can run on:

  • A Screen Printer
  • A Calculator
  • An ATM
  • A DS
  • A Thoaster
  • An Apple Watch
  • A Waffle Maker
  • GA's Uncle's Pacemaker
  • Christian's Shower
  • An Atari 2600
  • Doom itself
  • Horse and Wegon
  • Game Boy Camera
  • Rock Cellection
  • A Pornograph
  • Nike Ligh Up Shoes
  • Roadhog vs Tetsunoshin sexual TN
  • TIGER wrist watch
  • T-84 Calulator
  • Agent's Hamster Wheel
  • Tracphone
  • A cannon
  • A longboat
  • Magnemint
  • An Ekans
  • Warpy Himself
  • An Anklylosaur
  • Literally Everything Ever
  • Char's drug pile
  • A Treadmill
  • A sentence
  • Tier 0 characters
  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Wario's gas
  • Wario's gas's gas
  • Hatred
  • That 4th damn Chaos Emerald
  • Ya boi Guzma
  • Dunkin
  • The chaos boot itself.
  • A Tree
  • Doctor Dooms ass
  • Paper from a Printer
  • A really bad Youtube Poop video
  • Jimmy Rex
  • A Pip-Boy from Fallout 4
  • Donald Trumps wig
  • Memes
  • Anything but dial up Wi-Fi

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