(っ◕‿◕)っ...behind a 7/117 GRAND DAD
BOIBear Jr.Cheeseburger Oreo
Cirno DayCyberJason2009 QuotesDBF Wiki: The Junkyard Wiki
DankDark Pit ran out of his room, screaming "Fuck you, nickleback is the best". Captain Falcon looked at Yoshi while nodding his head saying "he ain't wrong". Dark Pit was crying now.Donkey: I'm a threat!
Doom runs on everythingElite Beat AgentsEvery Ship on DBFW
Expand DongFake and Gay/Real and StraightFlash via organs
Foot DiveFuck your sun, I have a swordHey hey hey, i kill you bitch!
Hipper WarioJimmy RexJimmy slashed Quaunt with the sword
JonTronKing Ghidora vs FoxyLanky Kong
Lanky Kong Dark Lord of TormentLet it GrowMario got a Super Mushroom and grew bigger. All of a sudden Bowser came up and said “Puberty hit you like a truck!”. Mario then said “Wait are we talking about your car or your mother?”. Bowser began to cry.
Mario vs CharizardMeguminMeme Profile Skeleton
Metal and TitaniumMr. Popo VS Cory Baxter VS Speed RacerNebby vs Bagman
Necksnap TifaNot This time Yankee!Oi
ParaParahaxPikart! Claus
Pink GuyPopplian Scum/Decidueye TakumiRobbie Rotten
RolfRules & GuidelinesSTOP! I forgot to shut the door
Sherk: My Leg!Spinach MopTake that back man
The 20 Bans of QuauntonautThe AnimatronicsThunderbladeX's many nicknames
Tier's Many BensTom and Jerry meet (Blank)Wall of Quotes from the Death Battle Fanon Wiki
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