Metal and Titanium was a term coined by RAYquazaman in his infamous Foxy vs Vaktus battle. Originally used to refer to the materials that Foxy the Pirate is made of, it quickly became a meme used to describe all animatronics. It was used to wank the durability of FNAF characters using the argument that they have metal and titanium in their bodies.


  • Name: Metal and Titanium
  • Also Known As: Indestructible Foxy
  • Uses: Irony, FNAF Wank

Use 1: Irony

Many people would use this term ironically when referring to FNAF characters. It was commonly used to mock wankers of the verse.

Use 2: Wank

There were some who used Metal and Titanium as a legitimate argument, claiming that because the Animatronics are made of metal and titanium, they have immense durability.


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